ALLin™ Mega HS HiFi Red Mastermix


  • Sequencing, including NGS library preparation.
  • Hot start PCR, multiplexing.
  • Fast high-fidelity PCR (up to 100 x Taq).
  • Long PCR up to 20 kb.
  • Amplification of complex (GC/AT rich) templates.
  • Blunt-end cloning and other applications.


  • Hot start enzyme for increased sensitivity and great multiplex results.
  • Fast, high yield PCR with the fidelity 100x higher than Taq.
  • Up to 20 kb long PCR even from complex templates.
  • Increased processivity for faster amplification and higher yield.
  • High thermostability for better denaturation of GC rich templates.


Product sizes
100 reactions of 50 µl
500 reactions of 50 µl

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Selected Catalog #: HLM0501
Product information "ALLin™ Mega HS HiFi Red Mastermix"

highQu ALLin™ Mega HS HiFi DNA Polymerase provides much lower error rate PCR with a 100 higher fidelity compared to Taq. Compared to Mega HiFi, this hot start enzyme version allows for even higher sensitivity and specificity of PCR as well as for a room temperature reaction setup, and is excellent choice for multiplex reactions. The ALLin™ Mega HS HiFi DNA Polymerase is engineered to be much faster and to generate higher yield of long PCR products up to 20 kb from complex GC-rich templates. Therefore the ALLin™ Mega HS HiFi DNA Polymerase is an excellent choice for longer and very complex PCR applications where the highest fidelity is demanded. It is an enzyme of choice for cloning and all kind of sequencing applications including NGS. Generated blunt-ended PCR products are suitable for ligation into blunt vectors. 

For maximum convenience, the ALLin™ Mega HS HiFi Mastermix, 2X (HLM0401) and ALLin™ Mega HS HiFi Red Mastermix, 2X (HLM0501) are available.

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