Isothermal Amplification
Enzymes and kits for common isothermal amplification applications

Product Key Applications Included Enzyme Strand Displacement Template 3'-5' exo
5'-3' exo Optimal Temperature Inactivation
Isothermal DNA Amplification Kit 

Isothermal DNA amplification at 70°C,

Mix w. buffer, dNTPs, Bst.  Dye for optional real-time detection. Water.

Bst DNA Polymerase large fragment DNA     65°C 10 minutes at 80°C
Isothermal 1Step RNA  Amplification Kit  Virus RNA detection,
SARS-CoV-2 detection,
Isothermal  RNA amplification,
Reverse transcription mix. Mix w. buffer, dNTPs, Bst.  Dye for optional real-time detection. Water. 

Reverse Transcriptase with RNase Inhibitor.
Bst DNA Polymerase large fragment.



10 minutes at 80°C
phi29 DNA Polymerase

Isothermal DNA amplification at 30°C,

phi29 DNA Polymerase, 10 u/µl and  10X phi29 Buffer.

Recombinant phi29 DNA Polymerase DNA   30°C 10 minutes at 65°C
PCRbeam™ Fast PCR Detection Kit

Fast and sensitive detection of specific amplification products obtained with LAMP, and other isothermal amplification, as well as PCR based methods. The kit includes membrane strips and buffer, is based on immunological reaction driven by Biotin/FITC and applicable to common low throughput amplification product detection workflows. 

The use of these products in certain applications, some additives or protocols may be covered by patents. The user has to analyse all applicable Limited Use Label Licenses and may need licensing for certain cases.

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