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Since 2013, highQu assists life science research community worldwide by fuelling it with molecular biology tools of premium quality.

From the first day we strive to organize all our processes in the best way to guarantee both the consistent quality of our products and the growing satisfaction of our customers. Premium quality means to us meeting and over exceeding the expectations of our customers and business partners in the best way possible. The ISO 9001:2015 quality management system which we have finalized in 2022, ensures that all activities that have an impact on the company's performance are well-planned, stringently controlled and monitored, and that all our contractually agreed requirements as well as the stated quality parameters of all our products and services are met. Contact our Quality Assurance Team in case of QC-related questions.

Being especially strong in providing robust and fast enzymes for PCR and qPCR enabling direct amplification of crude samples, we are also proud to offer unique solutions for other applications, such as non-toxic DNA gel stains or room-temperature stable protein and DNA electrophoresis ladders.

Our dedication to the molecular biology field has enabled us to deliver outstanding reagents to the life science market. Our customers confirm that by publishing more and more scientific publications with the great results driven by highQu enzymes and kits.

In our commitment to science, we combine excellence with simplicity in order to provide the solutions that scientists constantly seek. Our protocols are short, our reagents are including all possible components, and our support is fastest you can get these days.

We support researchers whose professionalism makes science come alive. We do not only provide reagents; we are proud to be good partners to our distributors worldwide and to be seen as trusted consultants among our global customer community.

highQu honours people who have a higher respect for humanity itself than for anything invented by humans. We respect your time, therefore we answer you as fast as possible, same day. We are fair, and offer good prices. We are thankful and value every customer and every business partner.

highQu is devoted to deliver intelligent products and services that render a better life for all.

This is our interpretation of life science: we are people, we serve life.

Professionally simple.

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  • We keep our word
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