HighScriber™ Reverse Transcriptase Mix


  • cDNA synthesis of up to 15 kb long transcripts.
  • Template generation for RT-PCR & RT-qPCR.
  • cDNA synthesis from complex templates.


  • Thermostable Reverse Transcriptase blended with Ribonuclease Inhibitor for efficient cDNA synthesis.
  • High yields of full lengths transcripts up to 12-15 kb.
  • cDNA synthesis from complex templates at up to 55°C.
  • High sensitivity detection from 1 pg of total RNA template.


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Product information "HighScriber™ Reverse Transcriptase Mix"
The HighScriber™ Reverse Transcriptase Mix is a premium tool for the high efficiency reverse transcription of up to 12-15 kb long cDNA. Mix includes HighScriber™ Reverse Transcriptase and Ribonuclease Inhibitor for save, robust cDNA synthesis and ease of use. HighScriber™ Reverse Transcriptase allows for high detection sensitivity from 1 pg of total RNA. The wide reaction temperature range (38°C - 55°C) ensures efficient cDNA synthesis from complex or GC rich templates.
The enzyme uses ssRNA or ssDNA as a template, possesses no detectable Ribonuclease H activity specific to RNA in RNA-DNA hybrids. A highly reduced Ribonuclease H activity allows for transcription of full lengths long transcripts. HighScriber™ Reverse Transcriptase can be used for RACE as it has terminal transferase activity - adds cytosines to 3’ ends of cDNA.
The Ribonuclease inhibitor premixed with the RT ensures RNA protection from ribonuclease degradation.
Supplied 5X ALLin™ HighScriber Buffer includes everything you need for the cDNA synthesis reaction. To minimize pipetting steps it contains MgCl2, dNTPs, enhancers, stabilizers. The only things to add is the template RNA and primer.

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