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Special offers

We strongly believe our products are all special, they are especially robust, extraordinary simple-to-use, fast-performing.

Get a sample of any product to try!

Additionally, we offer a 10 Year highQu Anniversary discount! 10 % off for all online orders. Simply use the discount code 10YhighQu2023 when ordering. The offer is valid for Germany only, up to the end of 2023. Not to be combined with other discounts.

Do not forget to reset your password for your user account made in our old webshop (up to June 2021). For that, please go through the procedure “I have forgotten my password”.

For our loyal customers in all other countries, we do always have special offers in place. Contact us directly at info@highQu.com or via our Distributor, if you want to share your feedback about using highQu products, if you want to share a one-two sentence testimonial or if you have just published your work using highQu products. We will find a way to offer you an attractive discount or samples to try.

Good luck in all experiments you do!

Need support with reagents or information? Contact us at info@highQu.com or call us +49 7250 33 13 401.

Thank you!
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